Power to the People Conference

24-26 March 2023


Kontakt: powertothepeople_conference@systemli.org


Hundreds of participants and activists were in Vienna - big thanks to everyone who joined and made the days of the Power to the People conference such a special event!

We have collected impressions, highlights, press articles and videos for you. Check it on the Highlights page!



Participation in the Power to the People conference was basically free of charge. However, a lot of costs were incurred and we appreciate donations to support this. Our suggested donation for the conference participation was 10 to 50 Euro per day.

Falls du noch spenden möchtest – hier sind die Details zum Spendenkonto:

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Purpose: Power to the People Conference

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24 - 26 March 2023 in Vienna - join us!

Counter conference to the European Gas Conference

Climate catastrophe, rising energy and living costs, or war in Ukraine and Kurdistan - we need collective responses to the crises that affect us and our lives. Despite this, corporations, financial institutions and politicians continue to come together to make strategic decisions without the participation and voice of those affected. The focus of their crisis management is on increasing profits and expanding their power. March 27-29, 2023 , precisely such actors will meet in Vienna at the invitation of OMV to decide on the future of European energy supply – at the European Gas Conference Among them are all the big gas companies that are currently making record profits, while life is becoming unaffordable for many.

We spark alternatives

We no longer want to watch as corporations and governments burn the future and plunge us into the next crisis. The common causes of inflation, climate crisis, energy crisis and war are obvious: a profit-driven system that exploits people and nature. Crises have a system.

On the weekend of March 24-26, 2023, the "Power to the People" Conference will take place in Vienna..

We want to finally bring the energy infrastructure as well as decisions about it into the hands of the many. We want democratic processes, a climate-just world & the end of wars. Our life has to become affordable and basic needs have to be secured.

All this is possible! There are enough ideas, concepts and lived practices how another world can look like. This is exactly what we want to exchange and discuss from March 24-26 and invite everyone whose goal is a world in solidarity and justice from a global and feminist perspective.

During the three days you can expect a program with diverse workshops, panel discussions, film screenings and many other formats with international participants and speakers. The program will be updated continuously. There you will also find all the info about the exact locations of the conference.

Main topics

  • Climate Justice & Energy Crisis
  • Cost of living crisis & Inflation
  • Militarisation & War



Afterwards, from March 26-29there will be Days of Action around the European Gas Conference You can find more info at #BlockGas


Helping-Hands needed

The conference lives from the participation of the participants. Whether it's taking care of the room, serving food, the info point or awareness work, we are happy to have people support us in the preparation and during the conference. If you would like to join the organising team or if you can take on a few shifts during the conference, please contact helping-hands-against-gas@systemli.org.


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