Power to the People Conference

22.-24. March 2024


Contact: powertothepeople_conference@systemli.org

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About us_

Who is organizing the conference?

About us

We, the organising team of the Power to the People Conference, are a group of people organised in the context of NGOs, self-organised political groups or as individuals who have come together to organise this conference. We locate our activism in the fields of climate justice, anti-capitalism, feminism and anti-racism. Some of us are also involved in the organisation of the subsequent days of action, some are not. We try to make our programme as barrier- and discrimination-free as possible. At the same time, we would like to make it transparent that the organising team is very privileged in many respects: we currently consist exclusively of white people or people who are not affected by racism and who are largely able-bodied. We are aware that we are not free from various forms of discrimination and will strive to create spaces for critique within the framework of the conference as well as before and after it.