Power to the People Conference

24-26 March 2023


Kontakt: powertothepeople_conference@systemli.org

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Stop the gas lobby - Power to the People!

Demonstration on March 28, 2023

17:30h, Stephansplatz

Come and fight with us for just energy politics & climate justice!

From March 27 - 29, the international gas lobby will meet in Vienna at the invitation of OMV. They want to negotiate the future of our energy supply at the European Gas Conference.

The last year has shown, while we suffer from inflation, fossil corporations make hundreds of billions in record profits. Instead of putting the money into renewable energies, it is distributed to rich shareholders and the dependence on an unsocial, fossil energy system is deepened! A system that puts the interests of corporations before the needs of people.

That's why: Power to the People! - Together we will take to the streets for social justice and climate justice.

The demo is related to the counter-summit "Power to the People!"

28.03.2023 | 17:30h | Stephansplatz, Vienna